Forecast of the range of maximum temperatures (+ trend vs last forecast) + general type of weather in Belgium

(Usually the highest values ​​are in urban areas, the lower Meuse valley and in the Campine, except in the cold season where these values occur mainly in the coastal area; the lowest values are largely expected on the highlands of the Ardennes)

By Luc Trullemans (update mainly every 48h, published around 10-11h)

Updated on August 11 - for the period until August 25.

Thursday 11 August: 27/34° (0) dry and sunny

Friday 12 August: 27/35° (-0.5) dry and sunny


Saturday 13 August: 27/35° (-0.5) dry and sunny

Sunday, August 14: 29/35° (-1) sunny but becoming cloudy with cirrus clouds aloft and risk of thunderstorms in the south and east during the night


Monday, August 15: 24/29° (-2) variable/clear, showers/thunderstorms

Tuesday, August 16: 26/32° (+4) sunny becoming cloudy with high risk of showers/thunderstorms

Wednesday, August 17: 24/30° (+4) variable/cloudy, showers/thunderstorms

Thursday, August 18: 21/26° (0) variable, showers or rain

Friday, August 19: 20/25° (-2.5) variable/cloudy, showers or rain


Saturday, August 20: 22/28° (-0.5) variable/cloudy, small chance of showers

Sunday, August 21: 19/25° (-5) variable/cloudy with high chance of rain/showers


Monday, August 22: 19/25° (-5) variable/cloudy with rain/showers

Tuesday, August 23: 19/25° (-3.5) variable/cloudy with rain/showers

Wednesday, August 24: 20/26° (--) variable, slight chance of showers

Thursday, August 25: 23/29° (--) variable, slight chance of showers/thunderstorms



The weather will be dry and sunny with very high temperatures.

A thunderstorm pattern will develop from Sunday night into Monday and will become widespread until next Wednesday.

From August 18 to 24, the weather is expected to be cooler with variable conditions and occasional rain or showers.

More info with forecast charts here: (but no daily updates !)