Forecast of the range of maximum temperatures (+ trend vs last forecast) + general type of weather in Belgium

(Usually the highest values ​​are in urban areas, the lower Meuse valley and in the Campine, except in the cold season where these values occur mainly in the coastal area; the lowest values are largely expected on the highlands of the Ardennes)

By Luc Trullemans (update mainly every 48h, published around 10-11h)

Update of 13 May - for the period until 27 May.

(Due to a stay abroad the next update will take place around 30 May)

Tuesday 17 May: 21/27° (-1) fairly sunny

Wednesday, May 18: 22/29° (+2.5) fairly sunny but high risk of thunderstorms late in the day (0-8L/M², locally more)

Thursday 19 May: 23/28° (+3) sunny periods, thundery precipitation (0-13L/M², locally more)

Friday 20 May: 20/25° (+1) variable or cloudy, thundershowers (0-13L/M², locally more)


Saturday, May 21: 16/22° (-3) variable or cloudy, rain or showers (1-14L/M²)

Sunday 22 May: 15/21° (-1.5) variable or cloudy, rain or showers (1-4L/M²)


Monday, May 23: 14/20° (-1) variable or cloudy, rain or showers (1-3L/M²)

Tuesday, May 24: 13/20° (-1.5) high risk of precipitation (0-5L/Sqm)

Wednesday 25 May 15/20° (+2.5) low risk of precipitation (0-3L/M²)

Thursday 26 May: 16/22° (--) mostly dry

Friday 27 May : 17/24° (--) mostly dry



It will be sunny and gradually warmer.

A wave of thunderstorms is expected on Monday in a more humid atmosphere, followed on Tuesday by sunny periods.

A new wave of thunderstorms is expected in the middle of the week with very high temperatures.

Temperatures will then drop to seasonal values under cloudy or variable skies with further periods of showers or rain.

More info with forecast charts here: (but no daily updates !)