Here are our stations listed on WUNDERGROUND.COM, others will follow...

Argenteau-Visé, BE
Auberge Rochehaut, BE
Blaugies, BE
Circuit-de-Mettet, BE
Clabecq-Tubize, BE
Courcelles, BE
Felenne, BE
Floreffe (Robionoy), BE
Floreffe (Séminaire), BE
Héron, BE
Hodbomont-Theux, BE
Horrues-Soignies, BE
La Fosse-Manhay, BE
Lasne, BE
Maillen-Assesse, BE
Membach-Baelen, BE
Padel Club Gozée, BE
Ramillies, BE
Solwaster-Jalhay, BE
Vezin-Andenne, BE
Vitrival, BE
Vodelée, BE
Weyler-Arlon, BE
Xhoffraix-Malmedy, BE